About Jean’s Blog

I’ll be posting at least once a week, providing parents with insights into a variety of writing related issues.  Sign up for my RSS feed if you’d like new posts delivered directly to your inbox.

These blog entries will address a wide range of topics, such as

  • Why finding a personal entry point into a writing topic is the key to writing with conviction
  • How creativity and imagination fuel strong academic writing
  • Which learning disabilities create the most havoc with a student’s writing
  • How parents can engage more effectively with their child’s writing efforts at home

Expect as well book reviews and links to websites of inspired thinkers who inform my approach to teaching.

Through my work with students of all ages I have come to question basic assumptions about how we learn and have embraced solutions that might not be apparent at first glance. Every student is a mystery, and there is a give and take to our exchange. I’ve learned to slow down and to listen more deeply. My first commitment is to help every student discover his own original voice and way of thinking.

I look forward to sharing and exchanging information with parents, teachers, learning specialists and other writers engaged with helping students solve the writing puzzle.