Private Writing Tutorials

I offer private tutoring in language arts, history, philosophy, and science writing for students in third grade through high school. Through individualized instruction students learn to trust their basic understanding of a subject, express their ideas in a clear and organized fashion, and develop stronger analytic skills. Because I work with all ages, I understand how the writing requirements advance from year to year. I am therefore able to motivate younger students to master grade-level skills so they are prepared to meet the next year’s higher writing expectations.

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My special areas of expertise include

Students who are willing but highly anxious writers

Students who live with the personal myth that they will never be able to write

Students who want to improve their ability to organize and write analytic papers or in-depth research projects

Students who excel in math and science but cannot organize or articulate their ideas in writing

Students who have learning disabilities, including ADHD, dyslexia, and executive function or other processing issues

Elementary School

Elementary school students in third, fourth and fifth grades progress from writing short paragraphs to writing a five-paragraph essay. Developmentally, some children at this age just need a boost to help them unravel the mysteries of the writing process. As my younger students become more confident, they blossom into more courageous writers.

Middle School

Middle school students often falter when the writing assignments become more complex, requiring more in-depth analysis of the ideas being considered. I work with these students to strengthen their basic writing skills, with an emphasis on organizing ideas for expository and creative writing projects.

High School

High school students often struggle with structuring literary analyses, position papers or research projects into manageable written form. I teach these students to recognize thematic patterns, to understand symbolic language and imagery, to deconstruct complex ideas, and to create frameworks around which they can organize their thinking and their research.