Here’s what people are saying about Jean Tarbox:

Jean Tarbox possesses the rare combination of academic rigor and the emotional support needed to help students achieve their goals. Her belief that everyone is a writer unwaveringly leads her students into believing it themselves. She works magic with even the most recalcitrant students, seeing them as individuals and tailoring programs unique to their skill sets. Jean is a gold mine of the latest research on child academic development and combines this with intuitive skills to create one of the most powerful writing programs in the Northwest.

Nancy Blakey, Author of Go Outside! and Mudpies Series

Jean’s students experience her approach to writing as an adventure in clear thinking. In my opinion, Jean is terrifically skilled and has the unique ability to “get inside” a person to unblock his or her creative potential. If someone in your family could use a bit of skill-strengthening, Jean is the one to call.

JH, Bellevue, WA

Jean taught me writing as a powerful medium for exploring my creative side. She gave me the tools in high school to articulate an imaginative outlook on the world and the confidence to authoritatively convey my thoughts in written language.

PD, Amherst, MA

My greatest difficulties in fifth grade were in format, transitions, and especially with organization. With Jean I learned to tackle a big project piece by piece and developed a note-taking system that I used throughout high school.

EW, Providence, RI

Jean’s teaching approach changes writing from a mysterious process practiced by the “natural writer” to a process through which a student can express herself in a comprehensive, satisfying, and powerful way.

LH, Seattle, WA